Green & Gold Announces New Chief Executive Officer

Green & Gold Macadamias has announced the internal appointment of Craig McBain as its new Chief Executive Officer.  Craig will replace Brian Loader, who remains in the company and assumes the position of Sales Director.  This move is part of a deliberate succession plan to ensure continuity of the business while positioning Green & Gold for future growth.

Brian, who co-founded Green & Gold Macadamias in 2010, will continue to lead the sales team as the company drives macadamia demand and focuses on accessing new channels to market.  Brian will also play an important role in new product development for the business, an area that plays to his in-depth understanding of the nut industry and awareness of the global consumer market.

Craig has over 15 years’ experience leading businesses in both the agriculture and investment sectors.  Before joining Green & Gold, Craig was CEO of an international fresh produce business, responsible for various production, processing and sales teams and facilities located globally.  Earlier in his career, Craig was head of an investment holding company sponsored by one of South Africa’s largest private equity funds with local institutional commitments.  Craig also spent 10 years working in consulting, project and business management within the engineering, manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas sectors.

Craig has a Masters degree in Bio/Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, a BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology and BSc in Biochemistry/Microbiology from Rhodes University.

Frank Manning, Chairman of the Green & Gold Macadamias Board, expressed his support for the new appointment, “The Board believes Craig is the ideal CEO to lead Green & Gold’s next chapter of growth and success.  As an accomplished and visionary leader, his strategic insight and innovative approach to problem-solving will benefit not only the larger Green & Gold Group but also the macadamia industry as a whole.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Brian Loader for his immense contribution to building Green & Gold to where it is today.  With a career in macadamias spanning nearly 40 years, 11 of those with Green & Gold, we are fortunate that Brian will remain in the business to lead the sales team.”