International Macadamia Symposium wrap up



Green & Gold Macadamias garnered valuable insights into the macadamia industry following their recent attendance at the 8th International Macadamia Symposium. The gathering – hosted this year by China in the key production region of Lincang, in the Yunnan province – saw over 500 captains of industry come together.


China to impact the global macadamia supply base


“China’s forecasted potential impact on the global macadamia supply base is significant. Collaboration and mentorship from established growing regions are imperative to ensure consumer and business expectations (including quality and safety requirements) are met by the currently fledgling Chinese market. As a leading macadamia marketing business, we foresee continued growth and rapid innovation in how macadamias are consumed around the world,” says Brian Loader, CEO, Green & Gold Macadamias.

Currently, China’s production represents around 8% (18 000 mt tons) of global crop (213 000 mt tons). Based on the country’s mid-tier internal projections they estimate remarkable growth to producing 450 000 mt tons in 2025, seven years from now. Which incidentally is the average number of years it takes a macadamia tree to bear its first crop. This is indicative of the sheer scale of tree plantings in China.


Global supply set to increase in the next 7 years


The last seven years (2011 – 2018) has seen 60% rise in global macadamia supply from 125 000 mt ton to 200 000 mt tons. The next seven years (2018 – 2025), if China meets its proposed growth, is set to change the nature of the industry with a projected growth of 300% in supply to an estimated 800 000 mt ton from the current 200 000 mt ton.

“Market diversification and access remain critical against growing demand. Alongside population growth, healthy, ethical and plant-based eating trends are growing around the world. Currently, macadamias provide only 1.5% of global nut production, creating enormous scope for expansion. The industry needs to harness this opportunity by bringing to life the unique properties and benefits of macadamias,” continued Loader.


New product innovations on the horizon


Predominantly macadamias are consumed in kernel form as a snack, and specifically in China, in-shell. Appetite from the ingredients sector is expanding rapidly, with the incorporation of processed macadamia products such as milks, powder, flours, cheese and more . Examples of pioneering products in development include macadamia miso caramel cookies and macadamia “mind food” bars.

“Scores of research consistently underpins that macadamias are perceived as luxurious, healthy and a guilt-free indulgence. They elevate experiences, products and brands, affording a premium price point. The ingredients sector calls for specific grading, dicing and styles, dependant on their product. For this reason, investment at a processing level is paramount to ensuring the industry can support this requirement. Relying purely on macadamias as a snack is a bygone strategy,” says Bobby Tan, Asia market manager, Green & Gold Macadamias.

Sustainable opportunities for future generations


With full Chinese government support this industry also represents a route to poverty relief. The thinking is to create sustainable and secure opportunities to make a living in the future. This is reinforced by the formation of The National Key Laboratory for Nut Detection body to support production, quality, processing capacity and product development.









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