Our story

Delicate and unique, and with extraordinary nutritional benefits, macadamia nuts are an exquisite gift from nature; and as consumer appetites continue to grow, so too does the need for stable supply, consistent quality, and innovative processing techniques. This is the cornerstone of Green & Gold Macadamias – excellence and innovation in macadamia supply solutions.

The challenge of sourcing a consistent supply

For macadamia buyers, working directly with processors can be time consuming and inefficient. Not all processors have the required equipment, volumes, or quality standards that are required. Buyers consequently spend time and resources sourcing quantities from multiple processors, creating unnecessary task duplication. Processors also suffer – too much time can be spent trying to sell, rather than focusing on producing quality products, stable supply, and investment in innovative technology.

The Green & Gold solution

With years of first hand macadamia processing experience, the founders of Green and Gold Macadamias believed there was a better way, one that delivered benefits to both the customer and the processor. We wanted to:

  • give customers access to a stable, quality supply of processed macadamias that enhances their product offering
  • provide a seamless supply solution with a single point of contact
  • enable processors to focus on what they do best

It was this belief that led to the creation of Green & Gold Macadamias and the delivery of a secure supply of premium, consistent quality macadamias to buyers across the globe.

Our promise is excellence in macadamia supply solutions.