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Seamless solutions 

Our team ensures that you get only the best macadamias, tailored to your product brief and specification.

We make the fulfillment process effortless by handling the contracting, logistics, and shipping arrangements for you.

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the market and industry as well as our keen insight into consumer trends, we can work with you to create innovative products that will excite your customers and foster their loyalty to your brand.

Connect and create cutting-edge product solutions


Whole Grades


Whole macadamias are the perfect boost for any nut mix. They have a perfectly rounded shape, perfect for snack nuts, chocolate & flavour coating and caramelisation. By including them in your product, you can elevate your blend into more premium categories and take your product to the next level.

Diced Grades


Unleash your culinary creativity with diced macadamias! From cookies to granola, ice-cream, nut milks, and more, our macadamias are the perfect ingredient to bring deliciousness and nutrition to any dish. 

Half Grades


Macadamia halves are the ideal ingredient to be used in retail snack packs and confectionary such as clusters and truffles. These naturally split pieces deliver the same taste and textural quality as the wholes, making them the perfect ingredient to sell.

Nut in shell


We offer a range of macadamia nut in shell sizes, all of which we carefully screen and analyse to meet the needs of our customers.


Please contact Sabrina Li to discuss your requirements.

Wholes & Halves Blends


Our wholes and halves blend offers an unbeatable combination of wholesome kernels and hearty chunks. Our blend is the perfect way to customize your dish and create the exact texture you desire.

Custom processing


Macadamias are a versatile and delicious ingredient that can be used to create endless innovative products. Perfect for cosmetic and health & beauty products, macadamias are sure to add a premium touch to your creations. Contact your regional manager to find out about our custom processing.

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