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Discover the Passion Behind QueenNut Macadamia, Our Brazilian Processor and Alliance Partner!

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Will Loader our Key account manager in North America recently had the pleasure of visiting one of our processors, QueenNut Macadamia.

Here’s what he had to say about the experience.

"Around 3 hours north-west of Sao Paulo city lies the quaint town of Dois Córregos (translates to “Two Streams”), which is home to our Brazilian Processor and Alliance Partner, QueenNut Macadamia.

An organisation that has been operational for more than 30 years, QueenNut Macadamia is a family-owned and operated company whose origins came from the sugar cane industry – currently, QueenNut’s 400 hectares of orchards are planted amongst 4,000 hectares of sugar cane!

This was my first visit to a Green & Gold Alliance partner, so I was eager to experience and hear how the production side of macadamias operates. Whilst I was impressed with the process itself, what blew me away the most was the experience that each member of QueenNut possessed, and how this experience was accompanied by a deep-rooted passion for their product.

Acknowledging Australia and South Africa as the main contributors to the world’s macadamia crop, QueenNut has used every opportunity to learn and adopt these procedures, which has helped their crops grow healthily each year (and will continue to do so).

To further contribute to its footprint in the town, QueenNut founded the annual Festa Da Macadâmia, which will host their 11th edition event. This event includes food, entertainment, and concerts that all celebrate the wonderful macadamia, with all proceeds raised during the festival go to local entities in Dois Córregos!

If you plan to make the trip out to QueenNut be sure to stop by Marcheti, which is an ice cream shop in Dois Córregos that features incredible ice creams with QueenNut macadamias! If you’re around for the weekend, also make sure to head into the town of Brotas, which is home to extreme sports (but more importantly), an incredible Japanese restaurant (Nikkey Sushi Culinaria Oriental) owned by QueenNut’s very own Natasha, and her sushi-chef husband!”.

If you have any questions for Will or the team regarding his trip to QueenNut Macadamia, feel free to comment below or get in touch directly.

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