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Happy World Chocolate day!

Happy World Chocolate day! We would definitely encourage you to celebrate this fine day by getting your hands on some delicious macadamias covered in chocolate!

This combination of chocolate-coated macs is a brilliant choice for serving you a healthy dose of mac nutrition and taming a sweet tooth celebrating the right way.

Macs boast a generous portion of healthy fats, high vitamin, and mineral content, and are a great plant-based option. Now, cover this in delicious chocolate and you have yourself a creamy but deliciously crunchy treat.

If you can't find any chocolate-covered macs in sight, the Australian Macadamia Society has you covered with a delicious recipe for a Trio of Chocolate Coated Macadamias! So you can make one of every flavour of chocolate or simply go wild with a single flavour of choice.

You can follow the link below to the recipe:

We hope that your day is filled with many happy memories of chocolate macadamias.

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