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Our Processors 

Our world-class processors are strategically located, so you can enjoy a delicious supply of macadamias all year long!

With 9  macadamia processing locations across 5 countries, our diverse geo-spread ensures that we are never affected by seasonal variations, crop failure or bad weather in any single region. That means we can always source and deliver the volumes our customers need from a logistically efficient location.

You can be confident that the product you contract is the product you receive. Our careful harmonisation of processing standards across all origins means you can enjoy a delightful, consistent supply of macadamias.

Supply quality

We guarantee to provide the most exceptional macadamia taste experience, through stringent quality control, testing, and technical standards.


Our processor network consists of macadamia processors that spearhead the industry in quality and innovation. These processors are based in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Malawi, and Kenya, and they are committed to product advancement and upholding the utmost standards of quality and health accreditation.


All of our factories are regularly audited by independent authorities to guarantee conformity, as well as to guarantee food safety and uniformity in product grade, quality, and specifications.

Our processors take quality seriously. Certifications include: 


  • GFSI


  • ISO9001

  • ISO22000

  • FSSC 22000






  • GACC

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Guarantee your supply with our global processors

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