Quality & food safety

Macadamias are best known for their firm and crunchy texture, exquisite taste, and creamy, light golden appearance. Our macadamia processors use the highest testing and technical standards to ensure you are supplied safe, consistent products that deliver the true macadamia taste and textural experience.

Ensuring macadamia taste and texture


We undertake stringent chemical analysis of our macadamias to ensure optimal taste, texture and crunch.

  • Peroxide value (PPV) – measures the freshness of the product. A low PPV is important to guarantee the delicate macadamia aroma and buttery flavour.
  • Free fatty acids (FFA) – are a key determinate of factory performance and careful control is required to ensure the perfect macadamia taste experience.
  • Moisture (H2O) – moisture levels in macadamias determine their crunch and we adhere to strict test parameters to deliver the perfect level of “crunchiness”.

By closely controlling these parameters, we also deliver an extraordinary product shelf life of up to 24 months.

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Food safety compliance


As the supplier of ingredients to some of the world’s largest brands, we understand our responsibility to ensure the safety of our products for our customers and the end consumers.

Our macadamia processors are highly accredited and our products must conform to stringent third-party testing before they leave the processing plant. This includes microbiological testing for salmonella, yeasts, moulds and other contaminants.

Plus, all our processors are GFSI certified for complete food safety assurance.

Physical properties


Our processed macadamias are also carefully screened for insect damage, dust, and other foreign matter. Any metals are detected using electronic testing and then removed.



We use a sophisticated coding system to identify and trace every carton we deliver to our customers, capturing details such as time and location of packing, microbiological and chemical testing results, and grower and processor information. This provides our customers with complete peace of mind knowing that rapid corrective action, such as product isolation, can be taken if ever required. It also means full transparency of the product background for both our customer and the final consumer.


Distribution & shipping


We ensure our macadamias are delivered in premium condition with maximum shelf life by controlling storage and shipping conditions.

All products are packed in vacuum-packed gas flushed foil bags, and can be stacked on pallets and stretch wrapped according to customer requirements. In addition, our global network of suppliers also means that we can optimise logistics and distribution for your geographic location.