A Strategic Global Network

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Supply Security

Our network of 10 macadamia processing locations across 5 countries gives us the unique ability to deliver a consistent, quality supply of macadamias all year round.

Our strategic geo-spread means that we are not impacted by seasonal variations, crop failure or weather events in a specific region.   We can source from multiple locations at any given time, which means we can supply the volumes you need from a location that is logistically efficient for your operations.

You can also be confident that the product you contracted is the product you will receive. We have harmonised specifications across all processors from all origins delivering a consistent, seamless supply of macadamias.

Dedicated to Quality

Our processor network is made up of first class macadamia processors that lead the industry in quality and innovation. Based in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Malawi and Kenya, our processors invest heavily in product innovation and maintain the highest standards of quality and health accreditation.

All manufacturing facilities are regularly audited by independent authorities to ensure compliance, and to guarantee food safety and consistency in product grade, quality, and specifications.

And all our processors are GFSI certified.

Food safety excellence

We apply the highest quality control, testing and technical standards to ensure the safe supply of the ultimate macadamia taste experience.

All processors are GFSI certified

Full traceability back to farm

Stringent testing for guaranteed taste & texture